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Starbucks Worker’s Secret Message On Customer’s Coffee Cup Splits The Internet


A seductive secret message from a Starbucks employee to a cafe customer got people talking, but for all the wrong reasons.

Inscribed in black felt on the side of the cup next to an arrow, the worker directs the drinker to a “secret message” located at the base of the cardboard container.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that once the mug included the warning “Be careful, the drink you are about to taste is extremely hot,” the barista has now blocked several of the words in the sentence for. that it now reads: “Watch out, you are extremely hot.”

The alleged post appeared in an image shared on the Reddit MadeMeSmile subreddit by Next-Caterpiller-393, where it racked up more than 42,000 upvotes in less than 24 hours.

Although the post proved popular, its content proved to be divisive, with many not knowing if the post crossed personal boundaries.

The content of the message is of particular concern given the ongoing debate about the prevalence of sexual harassment in everyday society.

A 2018 study by the nonprofit Stop Street Harassment underscored just how much of a concern it is, with 81% of women surveyed and 43% of men saying they had experienced some form of sexual harassment during their life. life.

Against this background, many were unsure whether the message on the Starbucks mug represented a sweet gesture or an example of unwanted romantic attention in an everyday situation.

Moondogmk3 said that depending on the context the message “means you will be back in a few hours or never again.”

“This person was at work,” 20mins2theRockies wrote. “Hitting customers at work is usually a big no-no.” SuperRoby disagreed though. “If the barista didn’t do anything more than the message on the mug, I wouldn’t feel too scared or scared, maybe a little embarrassed,” they wrote. “If they don’t feel comfortable switching seats is probably an option.”

“I’ve been hit on the same way by people who I don’t find attractive,” GuiltyBystander added. “I wouldn’t consider this sexual harassment.”

Eerawai, meanwhile, shared his own experience, pointing out how this kind of situation can escalate. They wrote: “I had a cafe that was at the entrance of a building where I worked, and one of the baristas started flirting with me, but kept doing it and got worse to a point. scary. “It was really embarrassing because I had to keep walking past every day to get to the elevator and see it, or the bosses would ask me to run down and get them a coffee.”

Another user, posting as Cheap Drinks, offered a more controversial take on the matter, saying it ultimately comes down to looks.

Say a little, fat, ugly bald guy with stupid teeth gave this mug of starbucks to a hot girl and winked at her, she would probably find that very scary, feel uncomfortable and would consider complaining to management, ”they wrote.

“Swap this guy for a conventionally attractive tall guy that she herself found attractive and there would be a lot more chance that she would be very happy to get this mug.”

Maxk1236 was not convinced, however. “It’s clearly very situational, but whether you look scary seems to depend more on whether you’re charming / have playfulness, rather than being scary from what I’ve seen,” have they declared.

Outside of that debate, Sexysaurusrocks highlighted another very valid, albeit slightly ironic, issue with the post. “It’s sweet,” they commented. “But in the event that you got burned by the hot drink, you would in theory have grounds to continue and possibly win.”

News week contacted the original poster for comment.

The post follows similar viral stories highlighting how the issue of sexual harassment remains of serious concern both on social media and globally.

A woman, for example, recently gained attention online after sharing a video of her disturbing encounter with a ride-sharing driver.

In another case, a college student gained support from the internet after detailing how she was forced to take action against one of her male counterparts following a series of inappropriate incidents.

Image of a Starbucks coffee mug – a secret, alluring message written by an employee to a customer is causing a stir online.
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