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Summer hiring already underway for Marquette shops and leisure


MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) — It’s only January, but summer hiring is brewing at Dead River Coffee Roasters in downtown Marquette.

Owner Sloan Dorr said business last summer was “crazy crazy”. She says the employee turnover rate is not high.

“We brought in one of our employees who is a teacher and she works with us in the summer,” Dorr said. “But, we are losing her this summer. Everyone sticks around and works very hard.

Four of the six employees from last summer are still there. Now, four months after owning the cafe, Dorr is looking for three to five other people to join the family. They would also help with Misery Bay Coffee, another Dorr co-ownership whose products are roasted and brewed in Dead River.

“I’m looking to the future to find people who will be longer term and part of our staff,” she said. “We like to keep our employees educated. We like to be the experts in coffee and coffee roasting and brewing. »

Marquette Parks & Recreation is also looking to begin summer hiring. Coordinator Michael Anderson says there were 20 to 30 staff last summer for all recreation areas. He says his office likes to be “ahead of the game.”

“Whether it’s students returning to Marquette for the summer,” explained Anderson, “or students staying at Marquette for the summer, or for various other reasons, we like to make sure they have their intended job. This way we know we have the employees we will need for the summer.

Positions range from maintenance to attendants, and are full-time and part-time. Anderson hopes the entire team will be hired by March.

“As far as finding seasonal employees, we’re starting now and trying to line up early for the summer,” he said.

Parks & Rec and Dead River encourage applicants to submit a good resume and adopt a positive attitude.

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