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The best cafes in Plymouth according to locals



There is nothing quite like stepping into your favorite cafe for a delicious hot chocolate, a warming cup of tea or a delicious Frappuccino.

And there are plenty of places to grab a delicious drink or snack in Plymouth, from cozy cafes to luxurious venues.

We asked PlymouthLive readers on Facebook who the best hairdresser in Plymouth is, and we got a lot of responses.

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Here is a list of some of the favorite places according to the Plymothians.

Is your favorite not on the list? Give them a shout here.

Hutong Cafe

Inside The Hutong Cafe near Royal William Yard with Team Jack Harman, George Harman and Emma Harman

Hutong Cafe is just one of the city’s many popular cafes – and it’s not hard to see why.

The team has an incredible menu of food and drink and is located just outside the Royal William Yard in Stonehouse.

Power station cafe

Amelia Greenwood and Elaine Edwards from Power Plant Cafe
Amelia Greenwood and Elaine Edwards from Power Plant Cafe

This downtown cafe has everything you could want – and it’s all vegan.

So whether you’re not a meat eater or want to try something new, this is the place for you.

Bonnie’s brunch

Bonnies Brunch opens Monday

The family-run brunch cafe serves an extensive menu of lunch and brunch meals, as well as treats.

Grandpa Geoffrey has years of baking experience and also worked as a manager at a Warren’s Pasty store for several years, Ellie told PlymouthLive, while Ellie’s mother Nicola worked in cafes for several years. almost 25 years.

Café Jasmin

Jasmins Café on the Ridgeway
Jasmins Café on the Ridgeway

This cafe on the Ridgeway in Plympton is always a treat.

And according to TripAdvisor, it serves the number one breakfast in all of Plympton. We even tried it, read here.

Cafe Finla

Café Finla in Plympton
Café Finla in Plympton

This cafe has also been named as one of the favorite places for Plymouth people to have a drink and a bite to eat.

Located on the Ridgeway in Plympton, it offers cakes, coffees and everything in between.

Lisbon bakery and restaurant

Opt for a delicious treat at the Lisbon restaurant and try its bakery
Opt for a delicious treat at the Lisbon restaurant and try its bakery

This delightful place on the doorstep of Frankfurt is run by a family with a rich culinary history, Father Carlos Crespo having been a baker for 30 years.

He runs the business alongside his wife Maria and their children Rafael and Tania.


Dan Lidstone, supervisor at Amigos Coffee
Dan Lidstone, supervisor at Amigos Coffee

This fun and vibrant restaurant caters to all dietary requirements, with full English breakfasts for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.

The owners of the Millbridge Restaurant have opened the first restaurant of its kind in Gran Canaria and say they pride themselves on their relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and service from “potentially the best coffee in Plymouth”.

La Roux café and wine bar

Jamie Nicholls is La Roux's new manager
Jamie Nicholls is La Roux’s new manager

It’s not just a place for cocktails, some Plymouth locals say it’s the best coffee in town too.

Cafe Rome

Make sure to wrap yourself up warm if the sun isn't out!
Make sure to wrap yourself up warm if the sun isn’t out!

There are two places where you can have a coffee at Café Roma.

One is located outside Plymouth Crown Court and the other is in Mount Wise, overlooking the water and across from Royal William Yard.

Salt and pepper cooking

This place in the city center is another favorite among punters.

His Facebook page reads: “We pride ourselves on providing high quality tea and coffee. We work with local dairy suppliers and bakeries to deliver the freshest, highest quality offerings. “

Up early

Owner Debbie Stander with her daughters Hannah and Beth
Owner Debbie Stander with her daughters Hannah and Beth

Queues often form outside of Early Bird on Mutley Plain, and it’s not hard to see why.

They have a selection of fresh baked goods, as well as a full menu and delicious drinks.

Rhubarb and mustard

They also offer take out soups and sandwiches

Dan Lewis may have worked in five star hotels, but that doesn’t count for nothing when it comes to brewing a good cup of tea.

Originally from Looe, the 42-year-old has moved across the country in the restaurant and hotel industry.

Eager to diversify and put his experience to good use, he opened Rhubarb & Mustard on Millbay Road in 2015.

And it has become a treat ever since.

Moments Café

Moments Cafe – all profits go to Memory Matters

Moments café is one of the few dementia cafes in Europe that offers on-site dementia advice.

The cafe, located in downtown Plymouth, was created by two passionate nurses who were frustrated with the lack of community support for people with dementia.

Shoemakers and cafe

Humor is always in the air at Cobblers and Coffee in St Judes

This cafe serves more than just a hot drink – it also repairs shoes and cuts keys.

Cobblers and Coffee, on the corner of Beaumont Road and Rosebery Avenue, is a popular cafe in the city, and you’d better check their signs outside, as some of them will have you laughing out loud.

Ground coffee

Rob heard outside the ground
Rob heard outside the ground

You may not realize that there is a cafe at the foot of the Plymouth Skyscraper Student Tower.

But he makes amazing coffee and has a great vibe.

Daisy’s Coffee and Tea Rooms

Jackie White inside Daisy's tea rooms and cafe
Jackie White inside Daisy’s tea rooms and cafe

Owners Carl and Jackie have given Daisy’s coffee and tea rooms in Sutton Harbor a family atmosphere.

Two of their daughters, Danielle and Lauren, work with them and the company is named after the family’s Yorkshire terrier.

Rockets and rascals

Rockets and rascals, a coffee on the Barbican, is another popular place that people have taken to Facebook to praise it.

The lemon tree

This Elburton cafe also offers delicious food and drink.

Its Facebook page reads: “A fully licensed, community-driven coffee bar serving a variety of drinks, cakes, breakfasts and lunches.

“Open late at night on Friday and serving platters to share.”

The social bar and the restaurant

Management has set up a unique London-style cocktail bar and restaurant in the heart of Plymouth (left to right: Chef Mike Mortimore, bar manager Hannah Ryan and owners Amy and Ash Abernethie)

Developed by local couple Ash and Amy Abernethie, The Social is a one-of-a-kind chic cocktail bar designed to bring people together and remind us how important it is to stay in touch with our friends, socialize and relax. when we can.

And it also offers a delicious breakfast menu, as well as coffee!

Café Bené

His Facebook page reads: “We have a range of all-day breakfasts and a variety of ciabattas, wraps and flatbreads. We have lots of home baked goods and local Devon coffee. Vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

“Ask us

on the daily specials! “

Flower coffee

The Flower Café, on Southside Street, the Barbican

The Flower Cafe is literally famous for its original hot chocolates and milkshakes, including the well-known and highly regarded Unicorn hot chocolates.

When these hot chocolates came out, diners couldn’t believe their eyes as they are quite massive and filled with cream and all kinds that all sweet tooth lovers would love.

Blue Coffee Box

His Facebook page reads: “A coffee trailer in the heart of Plymouth, serving wonderful coffee and mouthwatering cakes”.

Jacka Bakery

Jacka Bakery in Plymouth is the oldest bakery in the UK.

The Southside Street premises, which date back to the early 1600s, were taken over by the Laughton family in 2015, and they have grown steadily.

Buddha hut

Buddha Hut will open in its new premises in November
Buddha Hut will open in its new premises in November

Plymouth’s first CBD cafe is another favorite.

In addition to having staff members on-site to help educate clients about the benefits of CBD on people’s health and well-being, the staff hope to create a welcoming ‘hub’ for locals to come together to. socialize in the cafe and learn about CBD products, if they want to.

Mainies pastries

Unfortunately, Charmain Rainey's new bakery, Mainies Bakes, had to temporarily close after a leak in the premises
Unfortunately, Charmain Rainey’s new bakery, Mainies Bakes, had to temporarily close after a leak in the premises

Mainies Bakes in Cornwall Street opened earlier this year to replace Coffee Bean, which unfortunately closed last year.

Behind this tantalizing new venture is 47-year-old entrepreneur Charmain Rainey who gifted the people of Plymouth with some of his delicious pastries.

Oggy Oggy

The Oggy Oggy Pasty Company in Cornwall Street
The Oggy Oggy Pasty Company in Cornwall Street

We all love an Oggy Oggy for a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, and there is plenty in Plymouth to rave about.

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