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The first Cloud Coffee Fest is coming in September


(KNSI) — Coffee lovers in central Minnesota have reason to rejoice.

Plans are underway for the first annual Cloud Coffee Fest in September. Taylor Feero of Kinder Coffee Lab says breweries in the St. Cloud area inspired the event.

“Roasters and cafes make very good coffee. We want to embrace the community aspect that breweries have made and embrace each other’s businesses, and grow together.

He says beer makers weren’t trying to compete, but rather embraced the industry. Feero thinks the time has come for Minnesota coffee makers to unite in the same way, and Coffee Fest is the start.

He says tastes have changed in the region in recent years. The event is an opportunity to show what the stores in the region are doing.

“St. Cloud is doing a really good job of starting to produce some really great coffee. Our hope, our goal, is for this event to be an all-in-one place where you can come and enjoy the best coffee in St. Cloud and of Grand St. Cloud.

The event is free and will include a bouncy house, children’s activities, games and face painting. Coffee, pastries and merchandise will be available for purchase.

Seven cafes have signed up for the event. These are Adventure Coffee MN, Backwards Bread Company, Cold Press Cafe, Kinder Coffee Lab, Korppi Coffee and Bakeshop, Overlander Coffee Company and Second Street Coffeehouse.

Cloud Coffee Fest takes place September 24 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in the Kinder Coffee Lab parking lot, 203 Cooper Avenue North, St. Cloud.


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