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The Handy Pret a Manger hack will give you a month of free coffee and smoothies



You can get a month’s worth of free coffee and smoothies – provided you’re near a Pret a Manger.

The coffee chain lets you sign up to get five drinks a day for £ 20 a month, but the first month is free.

If you cancel after that time, you leave with nothing to pay, according to the Martin Lewis Deals website. MoneySavingExpert .

To get the free drinks, you must sign up for the Pret Coffee subscription service and agree to the registration fee of £ 20 per month, at least initially.

You are then charged £ 1 to verify your account, which Pret pays off after three days.

If you buy more than two coffees per day, keeping the Pret subscription will save you money

Then, Pret emails you a QR code on your smartphone, which cashiers scan when you have a drink at one of its branches.

Almost all of Pret’s 370 stores are part of the program, with the exception of Cherwell Valley, Rugby, Southgate and South Mimms gas stations and the University of Warwick.

The offer allows you to have up to five drinks per day, but you can only order one at a time and only every 30 minutes.

This includes all hot and cold drinks prepared by Pret staff, but nothing in a bottle or can.

It also excludes some of Pret’s smoothies. More specifically, the flavors of cocoa, almond butter and banana, raspberry, mango and ginger and avocado, mango and ginger.

You can also DIY the drinks however you like – so all extra milk substitutes, syrups, and shots are included.

The deal means you could get up to 155 drinks per month for free, for a 31-day month.

If you drink a lot of coffee and like to buy it in a store rather than doing it, the membership might even save you money.

A Pret Latte costs £ 2.75, so if you buy two a week it will cost you £ 22 a month. Having a subscription would save you £ 2 per month, or £ 13 per month if you buy three per week.

Pret A Manger, New Street
Pret is the only coffee chain to offer such an agreement

Pret launched its subscription service last year to compensate for people not visiting its stores during the lockdown.

It has also started selling frozen croissants and granolas in Tesco stores as part of a “cook at home” range.

The chain closed 30 branches last August, affecting 2,800 workers, and then six more stores in London in October, affecting another 400 people.

At the time, Pret UK chief executive Clare Clough said it would help the company prepare for the “months to come” after the pandemic slowed its recovery.

It reopened 339 of its sites after the latest Covid-19 lockdown, but has been crippled by social distancing measures and declining office workers in major cities.

This month, Pret also started opening stores in Tesco supermarkets.

The venues – which will be managed by Pret rather than Tesco – serve fresh food and hot drinks prepared by baristas.

The chain has opened four sites on a trial basis, with more to come if they are successful.



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