Home Coffee industry The start-up Firebelly Tea hopes to reframe the old paradigm of “coffee or tea” to extend the reach of the latter to consumers, at times of the day

The start-up Firebelly Tea hopes to reframe the old paradigm of “coffee or tea” to extend the reach of the latter to consumers, at times of the day


“I love tea. I really do. And when I started DavidsTea in 2007, I saw the opportunity to position tea with greater visibility in the mainstream and make it more fun, a bit more accessible. And I’m really proud of what we’ve done at DavidsTea… but despite the progress we’ve made in the market at DavidsTea, there is still a large audience of people whose experience with tea is either limited to a tea bag, which is usually not the same quality as loose leaves, or tea that is too sweet and artificially flavored ”,Segal said.

Others may skip the tea because they see themselves as “coffee drinkers” or because they think making and drinking tea is too complicated, uncomfortable and overwhelming, he added.

To dispel these notions and showcase the wide range of flavors and benefits of premium tea, Segal has put together for Firebelly Tea a collection of 20 all-natural teas and herbal teas in updated packaging for the 21st.stcentury alongside a line of unique and tailor-made accessories.

“I think it’s very important to inspire people through design and a great product. “That’s why Segal says it places equal importance on high-quality ingredients and a visually appealing and comfortable experience.

Real flavors, ingredients offer real benefitsHave

By focusing on premium ingredients and forgoing artificial and natural flavors, Segal says Firebelly Tea drinkers will experience tea and herbal teas in a new way, which he believes will appeal to more consumers.

“This flavoring piece is important. Americans tend to like big flavors in your face. And that’s what the lab aroma does – it either gives you a big peach punch or you get a big punch of another flavor. But using flavors in tea is like cheesecake. It’s good every now and then after a meal, but it’s incomplete as a whole meal. And if you eat it every day, you are moving away from it rather than growing up with it. And I think we’ve designed teas that get better in the second, third, fourth and tenth sip or cup because we use the highest quality ingredients, ”Segal said.

Real ingredients also offer real benefits, which consumers are increasingly looking for in their drinks.

“It really has a lot of benefits – whether it’s helping you calm down with our after dinner mint tea with valerian to help you sleep or I love a good cup of ginger if I’m feeling wired.” at the end of the day and that I need it. to bring it down a notch. Or at 2 o’clock in the afternoon if I slow down, I like a good green tea ”,Segal said.

The other benefit of not using lab flavorings, according to Segal, is that Firebelly Tea is able to use compostable zip pouches inside its boxes. He explains that this is an industry first and a better option for the environment. However, they often interfere with the added flavors and glue in tea bags, and therefore are not a good choice for some competitors in the bagged and flavored tea space.

Changing the collective mindset for tea andCoffeeHave

By offering such a diverse line of teas and herbal teas designed with benefits for different parts of the day, Segal says he hopes to show how drinking tea can fit into anyone’s day and lifestyle. without compromise.

“There are a lot of people who think that they have to give up coffee to drink tea… We are used to this expression when we are at the table after a meal and are offered ‘tea or coffee’. But really, it’s tea and Coffee. We try to tell people that they don’t have to break their morning coffee habit. By all means, enjoy your coffee in the morning!Segal said.

But, he encourages consumers to also add a cup of afternoon tea for a moderate burst of energy – for example a cup of The Crowd Pleaser, which mixes organic black tea with vanilla and almond. , or Makes Good Sencha, which combines Japanese green tea Sencha and Gyokuro. Or if they want to start the day more calm, No Ordinary Joe blends organic roasted chicory, dandelion and mate.

“Likewise, you don’t need not to have a drink [of alcohol] on a Friday evening. I like a good drink on a Friday. What we are saying is that tea has a place in the daily routine as a good pick-me-up in the afternoon or to relax in the evening.or any other time, Segal said.

For example, people working from home can create a transition ritual between work and play with a calming cup of heaven that combines organic verbena, chamomile and lavender. Those looking to relax after eating and before bed can pour a cup of mint after dinner, which blends organic rooibos, chocolate, mint, and valerian root.

A fresh look and an experienceHave

Finally, Firebelly Tea wants to modernize the process of tea selection and consumption, which it does with updated packaging designed to look like books on a shelf and with a range of carefully designed mugs and other accessories. .

The brand also strives to make the tea brewing experience simpler, which may seem overly complicated or intimidating for some people. So rather than asking people to brew teas at specific temperatures, it guides them to add and remove tea based on the amount of steam escaping from a cup.

Firebelly Tea further simplifies the tea selection process by offering its product directly to the consumer, helping shoppers avoid the overwhelming tea aisle cluttered with competition, Segal explains.

Looking ahead, Segal says he plans to offer limited-edition mixes over the holidays and work with artists to keep the packaging and its line of accessories fresh and appealing.

Ultimately, Segal says, all Firebelly Tea does is inspire and nurture consumers throughout the day and on their travels.