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This alcohol-free aperitif is a taste of Vermont and 3 other house novelties


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Shacksbury Mountain Tonic


Vermont-based Shacksbury makes a killer hard cider, but for Dry January, he’s making something a little less harsh – an alcohol-free appetizer called Mountain Tonic. Because Shacksbury is all about apples, Mountain Tonic begins with a cider base, enhanced with the addition of black currant, gentian, marjoram, cinnamon leaf, galangal, juniper berry, nettle and honey. In his Instagram, Shacksbury likens the drink to “the cool feeling of walking in the woods with nothing but your thoughts and the smell of the forest floor.” And if it’s not Vermont then I don’t know what Vermont is (I probably don’t know).

Price: $ 55 / pack


Sara Hayat The Tetris Sofa

sara hayat the tetris sofa

Sara hayat

Assembling a sofa at home is nothing new thanks to Ikea and boxed sofa brands like Burrow and Allform. Sara Hayat thinks outside the box with her Tetris sofa named after the famous block game. And the current sofa is built like a Tetris game. Using different fabrics like velvet, suede, and leather, the sofa comes together to create a unique place to relax and unwind, yet unlike the ubiquitous mid-century modern sofas we see everywhere.


Minor Characters Light Oats M * lk

small figures in light oat milk

Minor characters

Plant-based milks aren’t going anywhere, and one of the best brands is Minor Figures. Baristas prefer its oat milk because it is able to replicate the texture and consistency of cow’s milk when paired with coffee. The latest launch of the brand is a lighter version of its oat milk, with less fat and sugar but with all the same qualities that baristas have approved.

Price: $ 27


Pendleton Camp ‘Camp Ivory’ Enamel Dinnerware Set

pendleton camp camp ivory enamel dinnerware set


Browse any campsite and you’ll find a bunch of enamel items like bowls, plates, and mugs. Pendleton, known for their woolen blankets and flannel shirts, got into the enamel game and slapped a teepee on their offerings that didn’t add anything functional but said you love your outdoor brands .

Price: $ 70


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