Home Coffee shop This Ottawa cafe is an oasis of tropical plants where you can shop with a coffee

This Ottawa cafe is an oasis of tropical plants where you can shop with a coffee


What do you get when you mix fresh coffee, tropical plants and a bottle shop? A local coffee experience that transports you to a jungle-like oasis.

Haus of Plants is a new café in downtown Ottawa where you can relax with a coffee or cocktail and purchase a variety of indoor plants and alcohol.

This bright, bohemian-style space is a must-visit for plant lovers or anyone in need of a touch of the tropics. You can sit there with a coffee just admiring the scenery or shop among their variety of plants, from basic succulents to rare finds.

If you want to amp things up, you can browse their bottle store or sip a botanical cocktail in flavors like Hibiscus Gin Sour and Elderflower Rose Gimlet.

They will soon be adding fun new coffee drinks to the menu including Blue Lavender Latte, Rose Oat Latte and Iced Shaken Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte.

In addition to all these wonderful treats, the factory and cafe offer Asian-inspired treats like Japanese liquor and vegan ice cream bars from local store Moo Shu Ice Cream.

They plan to reopen for dinner on February 5, 2022.

House of Plants

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Café & shop

Address: 329A Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Why you need to go: You can sip a coffee and feel like you’re in the jungle, go from morning till night, and under that caffeine for a plant-themed cocktail. Buy some plants while you’re at it.


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