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Top 5 Most Popular Cafes In Boise, Idaho | restaurant review


This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


Beautiful parks, fantastic museums, day trips, restaurants and quirky attractions abound in Idaho’s capital, Boise. The neighborhood cafe is one of the best places to get a local’s perspective on the city. Third-wave coffee companies specialize in sustainably sourced coffee beans and high-quality beverages.

5. Big city cafe and cafe

Big City is nothing more than a labor of passion. Their humble beginnings began in a small shop in West Boise 21 years ago, before moving to the Linen District in 2006. Since opening, they have happily brewed coffee, baked pastries, and served breakfast and lunch. inspired by the farm. Big City is more than just a cookie-cutter cafe. they specialize in classic delicacies with a twist.

4. Alia’s cafe

Alia’s Coffee House is a neighborhood cafe offering a variety of food such as espressos, bagels, pastries, and more. Order the fantastic Flavored Latte, which includes espresso, steamed milk, and syrup flavor, or Death by Hot Chocolate, which includes bittersweet, French vanilla, dark, and white chocolates melted in half and half and whole milk.

3. Caffeine roasting company

Caffeina Roasting Company is a small coffee roaster and cafe in Boise, Idaho that focuses on blending new roasting and brewing methods with traditional roasting and brewing methods, blending brewing styles and developing authentic profiles. They place great emphasis on training their employees in all brewing processes to ensure that their coffees are presented in the best possible light.

2. Zero Six Coffee Fix

The District Coffee House is a traditional local cafe offering the most popular coffee in the neighborhood. If you want something different for your afternoon coffee, head to the District Coffee House and order the Bright Eyed. This seasonal blend was intended for espresso, but is also great for filter coffees if you like a darker character.

1. Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters – Downtown Cafe

Dave and Cindy Ledgard saw the need for a local specialty coffee roaster in Boise and started Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters in 1995. They believe coffee is more than just a beverage and has the unique ability to bring people together to do good. Coffee, like great wine, can offer a wide range of flavors, from fruits and berries to chocolates and beyond. With this expertise, they take great pride in deliberately selecting the coffees and meticulously profiling the roast of each batch.