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Top 6 Coffee Café Franchise Opportunities in India


Café Café Franchise Opportunities in India

Indians are too fond of coffee. And obviously, freshly ground coffee is everyone’s favorite, especially young people. So, starting a coffee shop can be a very profitable business idea.

After tea, coffee is the most popular drink after coffee. In fact, each year, coffee consumption increases by 5 to 6%. So, if you are planning to start this business, here is the list of the best coffee franchise opportunities in India.

Top 5 Coffee Café Franchises in India

Coffee Coffee Day

It is one of the most popular coffee franchises in India. Almost everyone has had a cup of coffee here or at least heard about it for sure. It is the largest chain of retail cafes covering 209 cities and approximately 1,423 locations across India.


Starbucks is an American company and a chain of retail coffee shops. Getting the franchise from it’s not that easy, but you can try it. The brand operates over 30,000 locations worldwide and is also known for top service and employee and customer satisfaction.

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Frespresso was founded in 2010 and has grown in popularity within a short period of time. In addition to coffee, they offer other hot and cold drinks, as well as food and snacks. The company provides franchise supports for pre-opening, training and strategy development.

Coffee Day Xpress

The owner of this coffee chain is Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd. You will need an investment of around 2-3 lakhs to get the franchise. And over time you can earn big profits with it.

Indian coffee

In India, one of the oldest coffee franchises, it was started by the Coffee Cess Committee in 1936. This chain of cafes covers around 400 cafes and is managed by a series of worker cooperative societies.

Beer berries

Brewberrys Hospitality Pvt. Ltd., a small start-up created in 2008 by young hotel management graduates in Baroda, Gujarat. And now it is one of the largest and fastest growing cafe chains in India with over 115 cafes across India.

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