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WCMS closes Coffee County


The WCMS Pioneers picked up a home conference victory on Wednesday, making it a great eighth-grade night for Warren County. Scoreless in the first half, the Pioneers ran away with the victory in the second half, winning 3-0.

Both Gabriel Cordova and Carter Simpson attempted plenty of shots in the first half, but the Coffee County keeper was on a roll jumping in front of every shot. WC earned a free kick near the halfway line which saw an impressive kick from Cordova. The ball hovered over everyone’s head and seemed to be heading straight over the goalkeeper’s head for a goal, but the ball narrowly went over the net.

Early in the second half, Coffee County was not so lucky as Pioneer Trayvon Johnson took advantage of the Red Raider keeper missing the ball and scoring the first goal of the night. Cordova found his rhythm in the second half and also fired a penalty.

The Pioneers led 2-0 with 20 minutes remaining. Johnson and Simpson both tried to score with the help of Erik Hernandez keeping the ball under WCMS control, but Cordova got the final shot from the right side of the goal to the left side.

Johnson came close to scoring a fourth goal when he hit the crossbar from a corner kick. The ball ricocheted and Coffee County was able to prevent the goal. With around 3 minutes remaining, the Pioneers were confident on the pitch. They ran away with the game in the second half, beating their rivals 3-0.