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Where NFTs and specialty coffee collide


How a coffee company sees NFTs as the future of the industry

NEW YORK, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coffee Bros. announced the expansion of its NFT project, Crypto baristaswith a release of season 2 at the end of May 2022.

Crypto Baristas Season 2 Offer

Crypto Baristas Season 1 was a 455-piece NFT art collection that offered owners lifetime caffeine perks like discounts on Cafe Bros. website and exchanges in their soon-to-be-opened cafe in New York.

Crypto Baristas started as a small fundraising effort by Coffee Bros. but has since morphed into a much larger initiative in space.

Owner Dan Hunnewell sees NFTs as having a big impact on specialty coffee and sees their project as paving the way for other roasters in this space.

Dan sees their progression into the space in three main areas where the Crypto Baristas project will seek to make an impact:

  1. Consumer-led initiatives: The Crypto Baristas Season 1 project began as a consumer-led initiative. Consumer-led initiatives are those where NFTs are tied to benefits that a holder can access, such as redemption for future brand encounters. Dan sees Crypto Baristas as the eventual key to unlocking additional consumer benefits by partnering with other roasters across the country.
    “We see Crypto Baristas in the early stages of becoming a global asset that can unlock benefits in your favorite rotisseries around the world.”
    Dan wants to partner with other roasters where cardholders can redeem similar benefits online and in person.

  2. Producer-led initiatives: Producer-led initiatives is one area we’re looking to impact for Season 2, says Dan. We view producer-led initiatives as the ability to invest in the people, process and production behind all the specialty coffee we consume. Price transparency is also part of this initiative and rewards/supports producers both financially and through direct investment. The goal is to better tell the producer’s story in a more engaging way for consumers, whether through direct interaction (in our cafe) or something digital (think Metaverse).

  3. Supply chain initiatives: The long-term goal of Crypto Baristas is to impact the supply chain where roasters can better track where raw materials come from, down to the individual farm or washing station. They see NFTs as the way to track and validate coffee from production to roasting, ultimately leading to price transparency on a global scale.

Crypto Baristas is a carbon-neutral NFT project that offsets its carbon emissions through Nori.com. Other initiatives that impact the environment include the planting of 2,200 trees by Crypto Baristas in coffee-growing countries with One Tree Planted.

Learn more about the Crypto Baristas’ caffeine-fueled mission by visiting: www.cryptobaristas.com

Contact: Dan Hunnewell[email protected], 914.598.6495



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