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You can get a master’s degree in coffee through a 9-month program in Italy

  • The University of Florence offers a Masters in Coffee.
  • The course aims to train students in all stages of the coffee making process.
  • The nine month course will be taught in person in Florence, Italy.
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The University of Florence offers a Masters in Coffee, where students can get an education in all aspects of the coffee making process, from the cultivation of coffee plants and the intricacies of the coffee supply chain to brewing. from a cool cup.

The nine-month course begins in January with an inaugural class of 24 students. Although the first course is taught in Italian, subsequent course years may be offered in English.

Students will learn in person in Italy, which has been hailed as the coffee capital of the world and the birthplace of espresso and espresso-based drinks like macchiatos and cappuccinos.

While many institutions offer courses in coffee making, it seems that the University of Florence program is just one of the few coffee master’s programs. The Universita del Cafe in Italy offers a master’s program covering the world of coffee, and the Davis Coffee Center at the University of California has announced that its long-term goal is to design a master’s degree in coffee science.

However, if you can’t make it to Italy for your coffee education, barista schools and coffee classes are proliferating online and in person for hobbyists and professionals alike.

“We will cover all aspects of the business. From the origins to the preparation and serving of the drink,” course supervisor Francesco Garbati Pegna told Breezy Scroll. “The course is the only one of its kind, as far as I know.”

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