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You can now earn a Masters in Coffee!



Calling all caffeine junkies and fine coffee lovers.

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How do you know someone is obsessed with coffee?

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They will tell you.

Over the past decade, a cup of coffee has gone from being a simple drink to a personality trait.

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“Real” coffee lovers will tell you about their favorite beans, show you their intricate and elaborate coffee makers, and consume only the finest coffees around.

Coffee has become the new wine.

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And if you’re one of those big coffee lovers, we’ve got great news for you – you can become a true coffee master and earn a degree in coffee.

The University of Florence in Italy offers a nine-month course in coffee, the first of its kind.

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The inaugural class will host 24 students who will learn all aspects of the coffee making process. From the cultivation of the coffee tree and the intricacies of the coffee supply chain to brewing a fresh cup.

The first class will be taught in Italian but the next classes will be taught in English.

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Students will have the chance to learn in person in the country which has been recognized as the Coffee Capital of the World, as well as the birthplace of espresso and various espresso-based drinks such as macchiatos and cappuccinos.

If you don’t fancy a whole coffee degree or just want to outdo your caffeine-obsessed snobbish friends, then this informative TedTalk is for you:

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