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Your Cup of Coffee Could Cost More at Siouxland Cafes, Here’s Why | SiouxlandProud | Sioux City, IA


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Coffee bean prices continue to hit their highest level in four years and cafes are passing the increase on to Siouxland coffee lovers.

Many different factors play a role in this increase in costs. Megan Vogel is the Managing Director of Coffee King and she said one of the biggest expenses is getting the coffee beans to Siouxland.

“The increases we’ve seen the highest are if we’re shipping from California or Florida versus whether our importer is located somewhere here in the Midwest,” Vogel said. “This underlying has a lot to do with freight costs just because obviously if you are in a condition closer to us it will probably be cheaper for freight.”

Vogel said Coffee King had increased its prices by three to five percent. Some of the barriers that affect costs are not unique to the coffee industry.

“It’s something that we have noticed this year in particular that has increased dramatically, and that is the costs of packaging,” said Vogel. “Whether it’s the plastic cups to put your drinks on, whether it’s your fruits and vegetables, the containers in which they are placed, it also greatly affects the prices. “

Hardline Coffee Company increases prices by 25 cents. Kitty Hart is the store manager and she said customers haven’t complained about it so far, and she hopes they will understand the situation.

“I’m happy to hear that people still want to come and support us, support the local, support what they know they love,” Hart said. “I hope that doesn’t turn into something that would be a problem, but it could, I guess.”

Coffee King and Hartline both raised their prices for the first time. One way Siouxlanders can help is by bringing their own cups to cafes.


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